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AsQ is the smartest way to find local services around you, wherever you are. one tap and service providers come to you, putting you in control.

So go on, AsQ a question…

Revolutionising the way in which you connect with services

Imagine the scenario, your boilers on the blink or you need a caterer for your upcoming event….or even just some advice for your legal issue. You have a busy day and won’t have time to make enquiries.

AsQ it, by choosing your location, the service you seek, a short question and even a picture and let them come to you, directly in the app.

Ask a Question

Select a location and the service you seek, ask a short question and let them come to you.


The built in map view shows your location and who is in the area that can help.


Select a variety of services to filter your search.


Rating system builds up reputation amongst the services.

View Profile

Set up your own profile or view services profiles.



Built in messaging service means every aspect of the experience is in app. You can send pictures to help people better understand your question.

Ever wanted advice there and then? Or needed some work done? Tired of calling around and saying the same thing over and over, getting estimates, checking ratings?

Wouldn’t it be easier if those guys contacted you for your custom?

AsQ does just that.

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